Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory every once in a while? They keep us all on our toes and thinking outside of the box can be a good thing. Sometimes these strange ideas can even lead to the truth.

Still, though, there are lots of crazy conspiracy theories out there that will definitely have you saying ‘wtf’. Rapper, Coolio, has recently come up with one of those WTF ass conspiracy theories, and when you hear what he has to say you’re going to be scratching your head.

Coolio believes that president, Donald Trump, may be devising a plan to kill one of Coolio’s well-known fellow rappers.

It’s no secret that Eminem isn’t a fan of Trump or his presidency, and Em even took several shots at the POTUS during his rap at the 2017 BET Awards. On his latest album, Revival, Em continued to make express feelings regarding Trump and Coolio says that Trump may seek revenge.

Apparently, Coolio wouldn’t be surprised of president Trump was plotting to have Eminem killed in response to the the album.

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