Last time we checked, tattoos are still a thing. And it’s a remarkable turn for an artform that was, for the longest time, was seen as merely the arena of the military and the miscreant. Way back when, the talent on display was limited at best, the mermaid or “Mom” being the extent of the creativity involved. Now, the color code is the limit, with incredible individuals showing more skill than some painters.

Kenny Ollerenshaw Wanted A Tattoo


That doesn’t mean that body art is for everyone. In fact, there are some people whose sense of personal expression should be hampered at all costs. You know the ones – they want this elaborate reflection of who they are, their family, their favorite things…you name it. Depending on who inputs the ink, the results can be remarkable, if still startling. On the other hand, only a Megan Massacre or someone of her skill set could turn their desire into something decent.

Perhaps Inspired By This?


Take the guy you see in the images here. Kenny Ollerenshaw is a truck driver, and is apparently damn proud of that fact. So he decided to immortalize his career choice in a full upper body tattoo. You know the kind – it covers the collar, goes up and over the shoulders, and sometimes up the neck. Kenny was clearly inspired by a famous scene in the film Men In Black. Either that, or he’s more daffy than a bag of rabid squirrels. No matter, since once the pics of his pecs hit the web, the whole body art incident has gone viral.

Look Familiar?


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