As the summer months creep up and the heat of the sweltering sun has folks dreaming of sandy shores, cool breezes and a comfortable place to soak up some vitamin D?. The beach sounds nice of course but how much sunbathing and splashing around can one really take? (Okay, probably a whole lot but for the sake of making a point let’s pretend that relaxing ocean side would just be an absolute bore, compared to THE WORLD’S LARGEST WATER PARK, that is!!)

Lounging Poolside Is Cool & All

Really cool, actually but you know what could be even more fun? … A WATERPARK!

And Water Slides!

There is one water park that offers more amenities than most and get this, it;s not just for the summer months, this monstrosity of a park is open year-round! Located in Krausnick, GERMANY and has become famouly known as the World’s largest water park and is packed with everything from putt-putt golf, to spa packages, to water slides all while surrounded by a faux tropical paradise.

The Tropical Island Resort Is Spread Out Over 17 Acres

That’s just about half-a-dozen big city blocks.

And Can Entertain Up To 6,000 Guests!

The more the merrier, there is something for every member of family here!
Whether your Grandpa comes along for a lazy sun-kissed vacay or you little cousins much prefera wild ride on the slide, no one is left out at the Tropical Islands Resort.

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