It’s one of the most unique things about the Trump Presidency. While other leaders have used social media to map their various policy points and to connect with their (supposed) constituency, few have had turned the web into their own bully pulpit, attacking those who he believes wronged him while offering aid and comfort to his base. Now, someone is taking the Commander in Chief to task for his tweet storms, and the responses are ridiculously epic.

This Is Our President


Josh Patten writes for the Prez’s least favorite TV show, Saturday Night Live, and he’s decided to treat Trump’s online bleets as texts. He responds back to them in kind, and the results are hilarious, not only for how comic and cutting they can be, but for how they expose a man who is supposed to represent the people, but instead, seems more concerned about himself and his family. The best way to describe Patten’s premise is that he treats the President as a parent, and appeases them accordingly.

This Is What The Man In The White House Is Worried About


A good example? Trump tweets out his plan to visit Poland. Patten’s response? “Call when you land.” The leader of the free world attends the US Open, and comments on how well an amateur player is doing. Mr. SNL says? “Sounds neat. Keep me posted.” It’s just like the random verbiage spewed between tech tentative adults and their far more savvy kids. What makes this all the more telling is that this is what the man in charge of the US is doing instead of solving our social problems.

So One Of His Targets Is Trolling Him Back


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