Hunting for treasure has been a pastime enjoyed for centuries, dating back to Ancient times when Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans would hide extraordinary valuables.

Sometimes, jewels and precious metals were hidden inside tombs while at other times, these valuables were hidden from tariff and tax collectors.

Listen, empires weren’t built for free!


Considering the scope in which the Roman Empire had grown, for example, it’s logical to assume that the people whose land was in the process of being conquered hid their coins, metals, and anything else of value from the legionnaires.

Great Britain was governed by the Roman Empire, from 43 to 410 AD (south of Hadrian’s Wall, anyway) and then ruled by the Anglo-Saxons, waves of Germanic people that invaded Britain in the 5th century.


It stands to reason that because of this, there is a lot of treasure buried all throughout the United Kingdom.

Because of this, a lot of  Britains are treasure hunting enthusiasts. It’s actually quite a popular hobby in England that goes back hundreds of years.


An unemployed father of two is one of these amateur treasure hunters and because of his financial state, almost turned down the expedition of a lifetime when he was invited by a buddy to go on an excursion for buried treasure.

Thankfully, Paul Coleman scraped up the gas money needed for the adventure and now doesn’t have to worry about finding work anytime soon.

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