The zombie. For the longest time, it was the reigning monster in the macabre field. While everyone was busy being afraid of vampires, and werewolves, and masked maniacs with a penchant toward the slice and dice, the undead were quietly horrifying audiences with their gore-filled frights. And then, it hit. Homemade horror needed a ghoul to fits its camcorder budget, and the cannibal corpse got the call.

Train to Busan Is The Real Deal



Since then, there have been far more miserable and misguided attempts at making the zombie scary than there have been successful scares. For every Dawn of the Dead (original and remake), Shaun of the Dead, or The Walking Dead, there’s a low budget bit of bullspit, or a blockbuster wannabe (like World War Z) that forgets what made the undead terrifying in the first place.

It Features Epic Action



So when something like the Korean epic Train To Busan comes to our shores, we need to celebrate it. This amazing movie, one of the biggest hits the country has ever seen, takes the zombie narrative and adds a healthy dose of heart and head. While there’s blood and guts galore, there is also an urgency and a connection to the characters that make every attack a nailbiter, every death a reason to pause and regroup.

And An Amazing End Of The World Scope



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