After Variety reported it last month, we know that Todd Phillips is actually in talks with Joaquin Phoenix to play the lead role in the stand-alone Joker film he’s making. That doesn’t mean other people can’t send in audition tapes, and that is exactly what Tommy Wiseau has done.

While it may just simply be a joke, we’re here for it. If you loved The Room, you’re definitely going to love this hilarious video. Not only does Tommy show up in his best Heath Ledger style Joker face paint, he’s brought along his best pal and co-star in The Room, Greg Sestero. “Oh, hai Mark!”

Wiseau proves again that he’s willing to be in on the joke, and certainly loves the attention. As long as he’s going to keep us laughing, purposefully or not, we’ll keep giving it to him. Check out the video below.

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