Tommy Wiseau had a dream, and that was to become a major player in the Hollywood scene. He wanted to be a famous actor. After being turned down time after time, he decided to take matters into his own hands and make it happen himself. He wrote, directed, and starred in his magnum opus, The Room.



For anyone who’s seen the film, it isn’t a great movie in the classical sense. It had plot holes, bad acting, and questionable cinematography, but for all of its faults, it’s become a cult classic.

The “Citizen Kane of bad movies” and Tommy’s ascension to infamy was the subject of James Franco’s 2017 film The Disaster Artist, and Tommy Wiseau became an even bigger name. Now, fans are looking to see him play an iconic villain from the comicbook world.


After Wiseau tweeted Todd Phillips in regards to his upcoming film about DC’s The Joker, fans of The Room ran with the idea of him portraying Batman’s biggest rival. Never one to miss an opportunity, Tommy once again took to Twitter to express his want for the role.


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