The moment you match with someone on a dating app can be filled with anticipation, not to mention lots and lots of questions like are we actually a good match? So when it comes time to reach out with that first message, some people like to take their sweet time crafting a witty response.

But just how much time it takes to send that message is an entirely new subject.

For two Ohio’s Kent State University seniors, time was of the essence and both seemed to be on the same drawn-out schedules. Although Josh Avsec and Michelle Arendas matched in 2014, it would actually take them three years before they would have their first date.

It just seemed they had a lot going on but regardless of what was going on in their busy lives, they still managed to stay in touch.

After Josh share their story on social media, Tinder got word of their hilarious exchanges and offered to fly them to their dream destination – Maui- for their first date! If all goes well, these two will be a match made in paradise!

Josh Avsec Matched Up With…

He was on Tinder…

…Michelle Arendas

She was on Tinder.

Both Were Seniors At Kent State University

It would take them awhile to meet.

Their Humorous Exchanges Were Easy-Going

Clearly time was not an issue!

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