It promises an easy, stress free hook up. Those who play the game appreciate its simplicity and directness. You add your name and profile to the app, and then start swiping. Like what you see? Swipe right. Not interested. Swipe left. Easy peasy, and if you and your proposed match do the same thing? Well, it’s time to get your one night stand freak on.

Do You Use Tinder?



Of course, in such a basic scenario, you have to be cautious. Crazy is just around the corner and it’s waiting to take up residence in your heart…and in some cases, your home. Just ask Reddit user MouthyMerc. He was looking for a little sexual companionship and while working his Tinder finger, he came across one willing woman. They got together, knocked boots…and then the trouble began.

It’s The New Version Of The Old Singles Bar



You see, Little Miss Right Now had no intention of leaving. Of course, our gent didn’t know this at first. She asked if she could stay for dinner. He said OK. She then ended up asleep in his bed, and when he asked her to leave (using the old “I have to get up early for work in the morning” line), she claimed to be too tired. Things escalated from here.

And It Should Provide A Simple Sex Hook-Up



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