Everyone loves a heartwarming love story every now and then. Ya know, the ones that tug on your heartstrings a little and make you feel some type of way? Deny it all you like but once you see this tale of two fluffy babes who long to be together yet again, you too will crumble under cuteness the pure pleasure of watching this eager and courageous kitten do the absolute most to get to where the grass is greener.

Filmed in a pet store, located in Taiwan, this video is absolute purrfection! The puppy clearly wants to say “Hello from the other side” just as much as the cuddle craving kitten as he adorns her frizzy baby hairs with oodles of kisses.

The kitten struggles and whines for a moment in time before finally making her way to her final destination, over the “Great Wall of Pet Store Freedom” and into the arms of her young pup companion! If you’re looking for the most precious thing on the Internet, look no further, this is it. You found it. Now prepare your knees to become weak and grab a tissue or two for the tears of joy that ensue.

If At First You Don’t Succeed


Try, Try Again…

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Brace Yourself, The “Cute” Is Almost Too Much To Handle!

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