When school is over, when the last days of Spring give way to the warmth of the Summer sun, our minds instantly turn to the places that cool us off. For some, it could be the sprinklers in the yard, or a hose hooked up to a water toy. Others gravitate toward a body of refreshment, be it the ocean, a lake, the river, a creek, or a public pool. Some are even lucky enough to have their own outdoor spa, complete with decking, grill, and comfortable outdoor furniture. The water is just an added benefit, a way to bring a bit of liquid fun to the proceedings. It’s also an amazing way to get those sunbaked temperatures down.

But for the little boy in the video below, there is more to his dip in the wader than getting wet. As a matter of fact, it’s those beings that have chosen to accompany him for a little afternoon. Fun. No, it’s not his buddies from school. It’s not family or some random members of the public. No, this kid is getting the “natural” treatment, and his pool companions are all kinds of adorable. Check it out:

These Ducklings Are Just Adorable



Isn’t that amazing? It’s like the clips where a child or adult is overrun by puppies who are cute as a button, or kittens that are crazy curious. Baby animals provide an innocence and perspective on life which we all lose at some point. Everything is new and novel to them, and seeing things from their point of view is magical. This little boy is a perfect example of this. He’s not thinking of anything other than how much fun he is having sharing the water with them. You’d feel the same way, too.

Gotta Love These Ducklings

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