Playing video games is no longer reserved for teenagers and unemployed adults living in their parents’ basement. ESports is a multi-billion dollar industry which is growing yearly. Gaming consoles are in the offices of corporate CEOs and A-list celebrities even admit they love them. There is a video game genre out there for everyone’s tastes from personal mobile games like Candy Crush to first-person shooters like Overwatch which allow you to play with people from all over the world. Games are no longer for nerds, they’re for anyone!

There are even hotels that now cater specifically to gamers. The iHotel in Taiwan is one of these establishments and what they’ve come up with is pretty extraordinary. From the second you step into the lobby, you’re greeted by more than a dozen gaming PCs completely tricked out with the latest technology.

Every station features a glowing keyboard with a matching mouse, and an HD 32-inch monitor from ASUS. All of the computers are equipped with the Nvidia GTX 1080ti – one of the most powerful graphics cards you can buy. iHotel doesn’t disclose how much each system is worth, but it’s estimated each computer set up in the lobby is worth more than $1,000.

Each lobby station boasts DXRacer chairs for ultimate comfortability while you play and are considered top of the line in the gaming industry. If you’d rather have something even plusher, just head up to your room because there’s also gaming setups in every room.

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