Remember the days when people’s 15 minutes of fame only lasted for about 15 minutes? You know, the days when someone would exit the spotlight just as quickly as they entered it, and no one would ever think about them again?

Things are a little different these days though. The Internet and social media have allowed people to finesse their 15 minutes of fame into something much larger and Danielle Bregoli is a prime example.

Better known as the “Cash Me Outside” girl, Bregoli gained lots of attention when she made an incredibly obnoxious appearance on the Dr. Phil show last year. Since then, we’ve all been waiting for her to go away…but she hasn’t.

Well, not only is she still around, but she’s officially gone from cussing her mom out on talk show stages to cussing her ass off in songs. Recently, Bregoli released a music video for her song “These Heuxs,” and well, it looks like there’s a new trap queen in town.

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