The Nerd Squad

Dedicated to the underestimated!

This company was formed by nerds who were tired of an industry taking advantage of people not knowing about the ad world. Having worked over a decade in advertising, coding and client relations these two nerds banded together and a baby was born. We also brought on an amazing team of nerd writers who all have a big role in this company’s success.

Nerd Heist is dedicated to the underestimated, and we are here to dominate.

Transparency in reporting
Mind = BLOWN
In this industry it is common to either lack reporting or to be given false or inaccurate reporting that doesn’t match with the engagement the posts are seeing. Nerd Heist provides reporting and does not “shave” any numbers in an effort to increase profits.
Highest CPMs  
We will provide the highest CPMs and payouts available in the market. If it is not with one of our sites, we will broker with companies who have higher CPMs to ensure you are always getting the best content/payouts for your celebrity, influencer or brand.
Branded Blogs
If you are a big enough influencer, we will generate a site for you. All trending content will be pulled from Nerd Heist, but any branded content will be written specifically for the client and posted to their branded blog.
Our ad game is unparalleled. With our software + know how, the ads will be performing at the highest CPM possible for each article.
Shared Content
In addition to the branded blog/ Nerd Heist, we will be posting from a large variety of websites. Our partnerships with these companies allow us to pick content on a daily basis that are performing at the highest CPMs. Highest paying content being posted = highest revenue for you and your client.
Sponsored Campaigns
In addition to the mad nerd money, we offer a variety of Brand endorsements both paid in advance as well as CPA.
We look forward to hearing from you.
The Nerd Squad — Real Nerdy + Real Honest