Ever since the recent surge in BitCoin, people have been paying extra careful attention to the cryptocurrency, especially those who initially missed out on the chance to invest.. While BitCoin might be the most well-known cryptocurrency it certainly isn’t the only.

Ethereum is another form of cryptocurrency that is gaining attention, and it also may be gaining value in the near future. As a result, it’s officially found its way on the list of things that people are interested in stealing.

The New York City District Attorney’s Office is working on a case involving this modern form of crime. In this case, a man named Louis Meza has been charged with grand larceny, robbery, and kidnapping for stealing $1.8 million worth of Ethereal.

According to the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, video footage showed “the set of keys stolen from the victim to enter the victim’s apartment and then leave the apartment holding a box believed to contain the victim’s digital wallet. Additional records reveal that soon after obtaining the victim’s digital wallet, the defendant then transferred approximately $1.8 million in Ether to his own personal account.”

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