You’ve heard the term, “You break it, you buy it” before, right? More than likely, you have. It’s been around for decades and it a phrase usually reserved for shops, museums, and other places where expensive and delicate art or goods are on display. But what about a community center? Would you expect that term to be used there, too? It is at a community center in Overland Park, Kansas.

While community centers are usually used for having recreational activities and meetings, in some towns, they are used for gatherings like weddings and other celebrations like retirement, anniversary, and graduation parties. That’s exactly why the Goodman family was at the Tomahawk Ridge Community Center – for a wedding reception.

Sarah Goodman says that while they were wedding guests at the community center on May 19th, there were other events going on like birthday parties and a bridal shower. Sarah says she was around the corner in another room saying goodbye to the bride’s father when she heard some commotion and someone yell, “Where is your mother?”

Her five-year-old son, Troy, had found an interesting statue made of glass from a local artist and decided to give it a hug. Unfortunately, the hug caused the sculpture to come tumbling down from its pedestal and crash to the ground. The statue was ruined and it turns out that the Goodman’s are now responsible for paying for it. The bill? $132,000.

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