There is no redemption for the person who targets children for their crimes. It’s been said before, but it bears repeating – there’s a special circle in Hell reserved for those who would exploit, molest, and otherwise sexually abuse and destroy our youth. They are vile and disgusting individuals, and no amount of psychological explanations or pseudo-science can excuse them.

There Is No Excuse For Pedophiles



Of course, we always reserve our judgment until after the fact. We see the perpetrator and wonder why no one saw this coming. Of course, the rationale given is that, for the most part, child molesters look like everyone else. They don’t wear signs warning us of their intent and they almost always blend in to the rest of society. It’s part of what makes their crimes so shocking.

They Are Bad, Bad People



Instead, we tend to place evil motives – no matter the reality – to people like Viper “The Freak” MacDonald. Covered from head to toe and adorning other parts of his body with piercing and other body mods, he is the kind of person people believe is up to no good, even when he (or she) does nothing to deserve such a mark. In essence, because he looks unusual, he must have something wrong with him. In this case, however, this is one “freak” thats a hero.

This Man Stepped In To Make Sure Two Little Girls Are Safe



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