How many times have you noticed something weird while you were out and about? More times than you can count, right? And how many of those times did you stop to investigate? Probably none, because we’ve all seen scary movies, and investigating strange things usually doesn’t end well.

You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

Fortunately, what happens in scary movies doesn’t always happen in real life, and one little boy’s willingness to investigate a strange sighting led to a very cool discovery.

Nobody Saw It Coming

While walking around a nearby lake, a boy noticed something that looked like an abandoned trail leading directly into the water. However, when he got a little closer, he realized that what he was looking as was no trail at all.

He gathered some people to help him dig around the area, and it quickly became clear that they needed to contact the local authorities.

What The…

Once the heavy equipment arrived, they were able to uncover what had been resting beneath the ground, and what they got was a shocking 56-year-old surprise.

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