They are horrible little creatures. There really is no reason for them to exist on this planet except to cause pain and look menacing. Along with their fellow stingers, the yellow jacket, the wasp does nothing valuable for the world – not that we can see. Bees make honey and pollinate plants. Their winged associates? It’s all about the barb, and frankly, that’s about it.

Bees Are Good



Wasps Are Bad



Oh yeah. And the nests. Wasps are not like other insects. They manufacture a kind of papier mache that they use to turn carports and sidedoors into booby traps. Just get a tad too close to one of these precarious pinatas and it’s a trip to the Urgent Care Clinic – or worse – for you. Wasps are indiscriminate attackers. You don’t have to anger them – you just have to be around when they get their torsos in a twist.

They Build Interesting Nests



Getting rid of them may take a professional’s keen skill set, but some people are destined to DIY anything. From smoke bombs and insecticides to plain water, the lack of ingenuity often matches the painful welts one gets afterward. The more basic and barbaric, the more these worked up wasps hit attack mode. Just check out the video included here to see what we mean.

Which House Many More Wasps



Which Is Not A Good Thing



It’s Wasps Vs. Water In An Epic Battle For Survival – Continue On To See What We Mean