4. Jello Pudding Pops

Don’t come at us with “They still make those, I saw them at Kroger!” Nope. Not this Jell-O Pudding Pop. This kind tasted like you were literally eating frozen pudding. The Jell-O ones were discontinued in the 90s, then Popsicle brand got a hold of them and messed the whole thing up. The taste was different and the texture was nowhere near the original. They were so unpopular, stores began pulling them off the shelf in 2011. Sorry, Popsicle, you’ve given us wondrous treats through the years, but your updated Pudding Pops wasn’t one of them.

5. Giggles Cookies

This was actually a good concept but they just didn’t taste as good as Oreos.

6. Gum!

Nowadays, gum is meant to freshen your breath and last for hours. Back then, it just needed to be cheap and taste good for a couple minutes. Some of it didn’t even last that long.

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