People have been fighting wars since the beginning of time. Whether it be for money, land, or religion, war is usually the outcome when nations decide that they just can’t get along.

War…What Is It Good For?

As we all know, war comes with some pretty serious consequences. Unfortunately, those consequences often affect people who not actually part of the war.

Although many people believe that collateral damage is unavoidable, that doesn’t change the fact that countless innocent and defenseless people are killed during every war.

Recently, a gas attack in Syria served as yet another reminder of the tragic casualties of war.

The Attack Took Place In Khan Sheikhoun



72 civilians were killed, including women and children, and one father hopes that his loss will help bring more awareness to the violence happening in the area.

Abdul Hamid Youssef lost 20 family members in the attack, however, there were two losses in particular that his especially close to his heart.

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