And so it’s come to this. In a never-ending quest to keep kids safe from themselves, to provide them with guidance where parents and common sense would otherwise provide the perspective, a school has gone overboard in order to enforce a set of rules that seem more kneejerk than needed. And the sad thing is, we aren’t talking about actual crimes or illegal intent.

This Is Summer


No, we are about to enter the questionable quagmire of the dress code. You know what we are talking about. There are actually some educational institutions out there – almost all given over to a religion based approach – they require the girls students to bring their prom dresses in for “inspection,” which actually measure hemlines and necklines in order to make sure that any exposure is kept to a minimum.

She’s An Excellent Student


But in this case, it looks like Hickory Ridge High School in North Carolina has taken its fashion mandate to a very uncomfortable and unfair extreme. Now, there are two sides to every story and the one being told here is coming almost completely from the student’s side. Summer wanted to wear a nice green blouse that would causally hang from her shoulders. Instead, she ended up being suspended by a principal that called her insubordinate.

And This Shirt Is Threatening Her Entire Educational Career


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