Steve Harvey has been in the news a lot lately, and for those who felt the stand-up turned talk show and game show host was riding high, the reports have not been good. First, it was announced that the comedian is taking his newly formatted daytime program from Chicago to L.A. (more high profile celebrity guests to be found there was the excuse).

Back In The Day



Then a memo was released which really painted him in a bad light. It spoke to a man of immense ego, an inflated sense of self importance, and a performer who has clearly drank way too much of his own Kool-Aid. Now, Harvey is in more hot water, though the reason why is specious at best. His second wife, Mary, is suing him for over $60 million. The reason? She claims her ex has “murdered her soul.”

His Current Family



In what reports are calling a rambling, borderline incoherent legal filing, the former Mrs. Harvey states that she has been emotionally and physically damaged by the divorce (which happened about 12 years ago, mind you). She’s lost her son, her business ventures, and most importantly…Mother’s Day??? It’s worth noting that the “lawsuit” wasn’t filed by an attorney. Instead, it is being presented by Mary’s “civil rights activist.” Huh?

There’s Been Some Controversy Surrounding His Current Career Move



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