They call themselves “realists.” People of opposing positions call them crazy. The truth is, science can scream all it wants about the shape of our planet, but there will always be those who view all proof as conspiracy. To them, the Earth has been and always will be flat. Not curved. Not a ball shaped orb. Flat.

This Is D Marble



Of course, without any legitimate finds that support their position, the “flat-Earthers” come under a lot of criticism – that is, when they are considered at all. Most are just tossed in the social media bin labeled “lunatic” and their ramblings are dismissed and derided. But D Marble wants to change all that.

And This Is His Spirit Level



A self-proclaimed “realist,” he decided to take a spirit level – you know, the kind you use in construction to make sure things are all straight and even – on a flight from North Carolina to Seattle, and film the little bubble in the middle. The point was to prove that the pilot did not have to correct the plane’s flight path to compensate for the planet’s curvature – or something like that.

He Hopes To Prove The Planet Looks Like This



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