It remains one of the most grim and least gratifying of the Stephen King adaptations, and not because of its quality. Indeed, master adapter Frank Darabont has done amazing work with the author’s book, from the brilliant Shawshank Redemption to the equally adept Green Mile. But many point to The Mist as the moment he went overboard a bit – and we’re betting its the ending that has them miffed.

Frank Darabont’s Take On ‘The Mist’ Was Brutal…



For those who have not seen it, we are heading into SPOILER territory, so be warned. In the film, a group of survivors finally make it out of the grocery store where they’ve been holed up, only to discover that the countryside is overrun with giant monsters. In a desperate move, our hero kills everyone – including his own son – before learning that…the military is on hand to save the day. OUCH!




Well, now Spike TV is getting into the horror game in a big way, and they are bringing The Mist back as a mini-series ala The Walking Dead. The success of such shows, including American Horror Story, has turned terror into the new primetime delight, and King has been a leader in the genre since your cable company was only offering a couple dozen channels.

Now, Spike TV Is Taking On The Stephen King Novella



The premise is perfect for such a show. A strange cloud comes rolling over the hills of a small New England town, and before long, the citizens are being targeted by barely seen alien bugs (and other, equally horrific…things). It’s a matter of survival, and as Rick and the rest of the Walkers wounded can attest, something like that can generate a lot of storylines. The latest preview will have you anxious for The Mist’s June 22 premiere.

Are You Ready For More Insect Insanity?



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