It’s the film fans have been waiting for. It’s, perhaps, one of Marvels’ most beloved characters. Devotees enjoyed the Sam Raimi take on the material (well, two out of three ain’t bad) and then Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone put Sony on notice – the people just won’t cotton to a subpar webslinger. So in a stunning move that is still reverberating through Hollywood, the studio sent Spider-Man back over to Kevin Feige and the boys, hoping they could do right by Peter Parker.

This Was Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man



And Then Andrew Garfield Took Over



And now we are getting our first look at the results. Spider-Man: Homecoming is the appropriately titled comeback for the teenage superhero, with newcomer Tom Holland taking on the coveted role. The revamp also features Michael Keaton as the villainous Vulture, and someone named Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. The first trailer features lots of action, but some may sense a familiarity with the narrative being presented.

Now Tom Holland Is Wearing The Trademark Tights



Yes, this is another origin story, as we see Peter and his pals making their way through high school. We also get the standard superhero beats – Spidey saving the day (in this case, a ferry full of people), the bad guy’s traditional anti-establishment ranting, the goofy sidekick – but there are some other intriguing elements and Easter Eggs buried in here as well.

This New Movie Is Made By The Folks At Marvel



And It Promises To Bring Peter Parker Back To His Fans



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