The fuel it takes to fly planes is costly and it uses up resources. Of course, there are plenty of other gas guzzlers running around the planet earth. But, this is a step in the right direction. Getting a plane to go all the way around the world without needing any fuel is definitely a game changer.

No, it didn’t glide. It wasn’t pulled by another plane and then let to float as long as it possibly could from its own aerodynamics. This was a no-fuel flight of an entirely different kind.

The plane had energy for the engines and the instruments. It just didn’t have any fuel to give it that energy. The project is called Solar Impulse and that’s right, the plane went completely around the world on just solar energy, which can be stored for night use and used directly for day use.

The only time this plane had to come down was to give the pilot a nap. But, this is just a plane going around the world. What more can we do with this technology?

People are providing energy to their homes. Companies are using solar power to provide energy for their entire operation. Solar energy could run electric cars. And the bigger idea here is that solar energy could provide energy for entire cities. That’s where this is going.

A plane going around the world is a big thing. Bigger than we can imagine at this moment.

The Places It Went


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