We like to think we’re immune to the worst the world has to offer. From the esoteric to the pragmatic, the real to the imaginary, we believe in the indestructibility of the human body and balk when anyone suggests that we are a mere dedicated disease away from having our life irretrievably altered. It happens all the time, we just don’t think it will – or at the very least, that it won’t happen to us.

It Started Like This



Back in 2010, a Redditor named gullibletrout thought the same thing. So when his wife showed up one day with a mysterious black spot on her hand, he thought nothing of it. Even as the markings progressed and they started to creep up her arm, he believed there was a simple explanation for what was going on. And then, something disgusting happened.

And Then It Got Worse



His spouse started to develop sores. In fact, they became these weird, wart like masses. They tried topical treatments like Neosporin and various removers, but they didn’t. It wasn’t long before the wounds started to open up and weep disgusting “stuff.” It was then when a doctor was contacted. It was also then when gullibletrout and his beloved found out what was going on.

Much, Much Worse



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