The human body is a pretty amazing thing. It can tell us things about ourselves that we might otherwise ignore or just plain miss. Sure, we have doctors who can diagnose all kinds of ailments and illnesses, but we can’t always run to their office and have them check us out. In fact, the best prevention is being aware of your own physical well-being and knowing when caution is necessary vs. a trip the an urgent care clinic or the ER. That’s what makes being human so great. We can be our own litmus test if need be.

This is especially true of the liver. It plays an important role in keeping us healthy and hearty. We can’t live without it, and if it is damaged or disease, we’re in for a lot of pain and distress – perhaps even death. Knowing the warning signs of liver issues is therefore crucial to any self-care regimen. Here are nine things you should be looking for. If you have any, it’s time to give that doctor a call.

Eyes Become Yellow


It’s called jaundice, and it’s one of the main ways you can tell your liver is in trouble. The color comes from something called bilirubin and it is usually removed by the said organ. When it’s failing, we see the telltale tint.

You’re Always Itchy


The production of bile salts helps keep your skin in check, Again, if the liver is not doing its job, the body will react, and you’ll find yourself scratching constantly. That’s not a good thing.

Your Urine Is Dark


Our pee is always a good indicator of our overall health. Pale yellow or clear is good. Dark, on the other hand, is not. When your liver is acting up, you urine can be oddly colored, so pay attention.

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