Fasten your seatbelts, folks, this is going to be a bumpy (or should we say “humpy”) ride! In the world of romantic interplay, the last thing you’ve ever wanted to happen is your parents catching you mid-coitus. It’s embarrassing, your partner may never want to engage in such activities again, and you may even get in trouble.

Actually, there is something worse – you could catch your parents getting it on, which undoubtedly will leave you traumatized. But what about your parents catching someone else doing it? If they simply told you about it, you’d probably laugh it off nervously. But what would you do if they actually filmed it and sent it to you? One girl posted it on Twitter because…well, why not?

Twitter is the home of instant news and interaction so why not post a little bit of both at the same time? That’s what Kiley Tully did after her parents sent her a video they recorded on a flight from Florida to Mexico that showed a couple caught up in the moment and joining the mile high club.

The video has been seen more than six million times since Kiley posted it on June 17th and it even made it way to Silver Airways, the operators of the flight.

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