All years have their ups and downs, but 2017 has had more wtf moments than any other year in recent history. So many crazy things have gone on this year that it’s starting to seem like things couldn’t possibly get any more ridiculous. But of course, the moment you start thinking things can’t get any worse, they always do.

Amethyst Realm might just get the award for the most bizarre person of the year after an interview on This Morning shared Amethyst’s bizarre story.

As if dating in 2017 wasn’t crazy enough, Amethyst’s love interest are giving an entirely new meaning to the word unconventional.

During the interview, Amethyst shared that she enjoys having sex with ghosts. Yes, that’s right, having sex with ghosts.

So, how can someone possibly have sex with something that they can’t see or feel? Amethyst has the answer.

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