Us common folk get it all the time. Whenever someone becomes a public figure, either via fame or infamy, the game of compare and contrast begins. “He looks like someone” usually starts the conversation, followed up with other statements like “She reminds me of someone” and “you’re the spitting image of…” before a random name is tossed out.

He’s A Beloved Comedian



It happens to the celebrated as well. In fact, Hollywood loves to fall into the type trap. George Clooney blows up as a big name at the box office and suddenly, every studio exec is looking for a “Clooney Type.” Same with the cherubic funny man with a little extra meat on his bones, the buxom honey who can play dumb to perfection, or the androgynous man-child who is the latest YA adaption stud du jour.

But Seth Rogen Thinks He’s A Cut Rate Justin Timberlake



For comedic actor Seth Rogen, the resemblance is uncanny. In fact, when he did his version of the side by side, he makes a strong case for his latest social media mention. You see, Rogen put up a tweet which argued that he and his wife, actress Lauren Miller, were just dialed down versions of power couple Justin Timberlake and his spouse, Jessica Biel. Immediately social media reacted. Then JT himself stepped in to add his former boy band member two cents.

And This Is What JT Had To Say About That



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