It’s news fans of the filmmaker have been waiting to hear since he first delivered his crazy take on the comic book movie almost 17 years ago. As the highly anticipated follow-up to his Oscar nominated blockbuster The Sixth Sense, it saw Bruce Willis (again) face off against a disabled Samuel L. Jackson in what turned out to be the blueprint for the Christopher Nolan school of superheroes.

M Night Shyamalan Has Been A Motion Picture Punching Bag Of Late



His Recent Output Has Not Been Well Received



Entitled Unbreakable, it didn’t exactly break the bank at the box office, but over time, it’s become one of the most beloved titles in M. Night Shyamalan’s otherwise tenuous filmography and with an ending that established the champion/villain dynamic perfectly, many wondered if we’d ever see David Dunn and Elijah Price ever again. The last year’s Split seemed to suggest a possible return – and now we have confirmation of the fact.

Then Split Changed All That



In a recent announcement, the filmmaker has indicated that his next effort will be Glass, a sequel to BOTH Split and Unbreakable. Now, how is this possible? Well, for those who want to avoid SPOILERS, move along. Otherwise, here goes. Turns out that the main character Kevin in Split, played by James McAvoy, has an unusual body chemistry associated with each of his 23 personalities. When a 24th appears, known as the Beast, his rampage sparks stories of a connection to Ira Glass and David Dunn.

It Garnered Good Buzz And Decent Box Office Returns



And It Also Lead To A Sequel To One Of The Filmmaker’s Most Popular Movies



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