Xiao ordered clothes online from a man only identified as Zhang and when her shipment arrived four days late, she went to the Internet marketplace called Taobao and complained.

The complaint lowered his rating, which infuriated Zhang, so he threatened to kill Xiao.

CCTV footage shows Xiao waiting on a street in the city of Zhengzhou for clothes she had ordered to be delivered. It’s unclear if she was planning on meeting Zhang or another seller.

While Xiao is looking at her phone, Zhang appears in the security footage and begins his disgusting attack!

Zhang hit and kicked Xiao several times until she fell to the ground. At that point, Zhang storms off, leaving the bewildered and injured Xiao on the street.

Watch The Sickening Footage Of The Attack:

Zhang didn’t stop there. While Xiao was in the hospital being treated for her injuries he sent her another message, telling her he traveled all night from Suzhou – more than 500 miles away – so he could “teach her a lesson.”

He also warned the young lady he could “attack her again.”

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