Researchers believe that roughly 25-percent of men start balding by the time they are 30, and about two-thirds are either completely bald or have a significant balding pattern by age 60.

Now, that’s just averages. Some men start losing their hair in their 20’s and the universal go-to is to just shave it off.


There’s no shame in it; it happens to millions of guys.

Having a shaved head, or being bald, kind of becomes a signature look for most. Can you even remember a time when Bruce Willis had hair?


Same goes for other famous bald guys like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Jason Statham, and Vin Diesel. They all had hair at one point, but we’re perfectly fine thinking only of them as bald.

And seriously, can you even picture a Jean-Luc Picard captaining the USS Enterprise-D with a full head of hair? Of course not.


For some reason, scientists want to mess with bald men’s mojo and actually give them hair. Maybe some guys will welcome the idea of luscious 80’s hairband locks, others are fine saving money from not buying hair care products.

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