The Antiques Roadshow. A UK production originally, the US version has been a mainstay of PBS stations for decades. The idea of the series is simple – people bring in their personal belongings, be they antiques, artwork, or heirlooms, and allow experts to inspect them. Then an auction estimate is offered, a price based on what others and the market will bear. Sometimes, the participants strike gold. In other instances, expectations exceed the anticipated return on the dollar.

It’s The TV Equivalent Of Hitting The Lottery



Sometimes, The Value Is Merely Sentimental



In one memorable episode, a man brought in his expensive collection of Civil War era weaponry. Rifles, guns, and other items were part of the lot, and when he began speaking with the individual given the job of determining their value, he was convinced he had hit the jackpot. Then, one by one, his items were determined to be fakes. Or reproductions. Angry over the money spent (and lost), the angry old dude picked up his stuff and dumped it in the nearest garbage can.

In Other Instances, Reality Doesn’t Match Expectations



In the clip below, however, something equally memorable occured. During a stint in the military back in the ’60s, a soldier decided to treat himself to a Rolex. Stationed in Germany, the watch set him back $120 bucks (that’s near $900 today). He had all the paperwork to support his story and some added extras to sweeten the deal. When the expert looked everything over, he had some shocking news for the man. He had hoped his watch was worth $1500. He ended up being way off.

Still, There Are Treasures To Be Found



And Viewers To Shock



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