Has anyone ever told you not to sit on the toilet for as long as you do?

There’s a reason why, which may or may not have been shared with you, but we have the definitive proof of why this is a bad idea.


For decades, “bathroom time” has been considered “alone time” or a time to reflect in peace and quiet.

Let’s face it, who is going to come into the bathroom while you’re doing your business to ask you to open a jar or take out the garbage?

Technically, you’re already doing that, but we digress…


It’s often seen by many as a time where you can browse through your Facebook feed, play candy crush unbothered, and even clear out your hundreds of emails that sit there accumulating through the day.


A guy in China is no different in that regard. But it’s how his game-playing adventures ended that may have you launching a timer on your phone instead of a game.

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