If you are one that puts a lot of faith in numbers and astrology to guide you through life, the first week of the New Year must have felt like a roller coaster.

As it happens at the end of every year, people grab Nostradamus’ old scrolls from 1555, unravels them, and scans for anything that stands out for the upcoming year. Afterward, they share their findings with the Internet.


For the record, Nostradamus says 2018 should bring about some pretty scary things.

First of all, he predicted some pretty bad natural disasters will hit earth this year.


Not even 48 hours into the new year and infamous conspiracist theorist Mathieu Jean-Marc Joseph Rodrigue was letting everyone know that the Bible says the world is going to end on June 24, 2018.

He got to 6/24/18 by some strange math where he took 666 (the sign of the devil) and added it to an earlier calculation of 42 months (He got it from the Book of Revelations, to read the whole story, click HERE).


Craig Hamilton-Parker is an actual psychic, not a conspiracist. He’s gotten a bit of notoriety for shows like Spirit of Princess Diana and Our Psychic Family.

He makes a few alarming prophecies for the coming year like predicting there will be a terrorist incident on a U.K. highway and a terrorist chemical attack in either London or Berlin. The good news is even Hamilton-Parker hopes he’s wrong about these things.

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