You may be one to believe in astrology or psychic powers, or you may this it’s all hogwash. Either way, some of the things seers predict are pretty interesting.

For example, Nostradamus made a bunch of prophecies in 1555 and people are still talking about them to this day. Many believe he successfully foresaw the rise of the Third Reich, the atomic bombings in Japan, and even both Kennedy assassinations.


Renowned conspiracy theorist Mathieu Jean-Marc Joseph Rodrigue made headlines at the turn of the New Year for going on record that the Bible says the world is going to end on June 24, 2018.

He got to 6/24/18 by some strange math where he took 666 (the sign of the devil) and added it to an earlier calculation of 42 months (He got it from the Book of Revelations, to read the whole story, click HERE).


While Rodrigue is more of a conspiracist, Craig Hamilton-Parker is an actual psychic.

Rodrigue is often trolled online and called a crackpot, while Hamilton-Parker has a bit of legit notoriety from shows like Spirit of Princess Diana and Our Psychic Family.


It’s understandable to think he could be a crackpot, too but the big difference is that Hamilton-Parker has been somewhat accurate over the years and is the first person to call himself out for being wrong.

So what does he say about 2018? It’s kind of terrifying, actually.

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