If you’re an American, it feels like Donald J. Trump has been president for a lot longer than 13 months, regardless of which side of the aisle your political affiliation sits on.

For some, it’s been a victory for those who oppose career politicians and welcome a “fresh take” in Washington. For others, it’s been nothing short of a frustrating year highlighted by hyperboles and hypocrisy.

Both sides point to Trump’s Twitter account as proof that evidences their own narrative.

However, as silly as some of POTUS’ tweets have been over the years, there is a level of amusement to them. Even Merriam-Webster participated in the Great Covfefe Caper of 2017.

Maybe even more entertaining have been the celebrity clapbacks, which landed Chrissy Teigen on Trump’s blocked list.

LeBron James famously called him a bum after the President “rescinded” an invitation to Stephen Curry after the Warriors’ superstar guard announced he wouldn’t be visiting the White House in celebration of Golden State’s 2017 NBA Championship.

James’ comment was the seventh-most retweeted post on Twitter in 2017, mainly because it’s funny and also because any time a celeb gets into a clapback battle with another celebrity, we can’t stop watching.

Long before Trump signed up for Twitter to share his thoughts on everything from President Obama to covfefe, there was something else America had been fascinated with about The Donald: His hair.

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