There was once a time when a major source of entertainment for young people was jumping on their phones (landlines at the time), picking random numbers out of the phone book, and prank calling people and businesses ruthlessly. Now, with cell phones and caller ID being so prevalent, that pastime seems to be forgotten.

Back in the day, prank calling was so popular that kids would sit around and die laughing to cassette tapes of “The Jerkey Boys.” Why does it feel like, here in 2017, half of the people reading this aren’t even aware of landlines, phone books, and cassette tapes are? Let us digress… Comedy Central even had an incredibly popular show where celebrities prank called businesses and people called Crank Yankers!

Thankfully some people still remember how hilarious prank calls are, and they’ve gotten some help to pick up the phone and take aim at a business, err, church that’s been in the news lately. Who better than Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty to handle the duties?

Watch and listen to Rick prank call Joel Osteen’s church on Page 2…