Don’t you love when something comes along that goes outside of the norm? It’s honestly a breath of fresh air when you’re expecting one thing and you get something totally different. You can’t help yourself, but appreciate the moment because you know you’ve never seen anything like it before.

It actually happens more times than we know. There is a normal template and that’s what conditions people on those set standards. For instance, fashion shows have been taking a beating lately because for the longest time, models were a certain size. Watching a Plus-Sized model break the mold and strut herself on the catwalk was shocking to the fashion industry, but refreshing to all the Plus-Sized girls with aspirations.

This is what it’s about. Things are becoming less and less like they used to be. The jock doesn’t necessarily get the girl anymore. Hard work isn’t necessarily the best road to success. Anyone can be anything these days. Just get out there and do it! Haters always going to hate. So give them something to really hate.

Jocks Aren’t The Only Studs Anymore

geek gets the girl

Hard Work Has Nothing To Do With It


And There’s Fruit In Pizza

pinapple pizza

So Now, Get Ready To Be Amazed

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