Although poaching animals is definitely illegal and immoral any way you look at it, some countries do allow big-game hunting, albeit with strict laws regarding the hunters’ practices.

The man you’re about to read about is not a big-game hunter and did not pays tens of thousands of dollars for permits allowing him to hunt lions; he was a poacher.


Even still, wishing death upon anyone is never okay but many people are taking to social media to say the man got what he deserved.

The man is unidentified, and unfortunately, the only thing left of him is his head, but South African officials are confident that piece of his remains will help lead them to the man’s identity.

The hunter was heard screaming as he was being attacked at the Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve in Hoedspruit and had devoured most of his body before being chased away, leaving his head.

Officials found a rifle close to his remains and determined he was a poacher after initially thinking he was a missing truck driver.

The driver returned alive, which is leading officials to believe the deceased was a poacher since no documents were found.

The owner of the Ingwelala Private Nature Reserve was unable to give a statement since the police investigation was underway but a local worker from a different reserve close by described the area as “lion territory.”

“A scream was heard and the lions were scattered by the sound of gunshots but it was too late to do anything for him. He was eaten,” the worker said.

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