“I’m too old.” “I’m tired.” “I have no free time.” “It takes too much specialized skill to be good at it.” These are common excuses one hears whenever a challenge is on the horizon.

It doesn’t have to be life or death. It doesn’t even have to be dire or difficult. Even an activity as leisurely as video gaming can become the benchmark for a lot of human harrumphing and silly second guessing. From the impossible combinations of buttons and joysticks motions to the endless ways developers try to undermine their customers, the gamer has become synonymous with a magician, someone with a special skill that only true wizards can forge.

For Tiyo Satrio, from Penawangan village, West Java, Indonesia, life is already challenging enough. When he was born, his mother was told everything was “fine.” The next day, she learned the truth. Her little boy was born without arms or legs. He was a human torso, and yet for the impoverished parent from a small town in the middle of nowhere, she believed her boy was normal. She didn’t treat him differently. She gave him anything she could, relying on her husband, five other kids, and the government to help with the support. And you know what – it worked. As the video below reveals, Tiyo is excelling despite his limitations. He’s even become quite the gamer. See for yourself.

The Playstation Master In Action



Amazing. A limbless boy can use his chin and shoulder  to master titles adults have a hard time maneuvering with two hands and 10 fingers. He also is a wonder at math, another subject people struggle with. Sure, some will argue that without the “normal” elements that make us capable of caring for ourselves, Tiyo is trapped. But as the clip explains, no one makes him feel that way. Not at all. And he is proving that, without mental limit, physical ones really don’t matter.

Here Is Tiyo’s Story

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