Boitin said Guiliana was a “beautiful example of how important the fight for the right to self-determination is.” The model captioned her edited and PG-13 version of her cover on Instagram with:

“My dears, I’m on the latest Playboy cover and very proud of the result. I hope you like the cover as much as I do.”

Guiliana won’t be the first transgender ever to appear on a Playboy cover, however.

Back in November, Ines Rau was named the Playmate of the Month. Like Guiliana, Ines is also transgender.

Upon announcing that the French-born Ines was the POM, Cooper Hefner, Hugh’s 26-year-old son who is Playboy’s Chief Creative Officer, said that having Ines as a playmate was “keeping with its founding mission of embracing changing attitudes about sex.”

Featuring Ines as the November/December centerfold spread “very much speaks to the brand’s philosophy. It’s the right thing to do. We’re at a moment where gender roles are evolving.”

The youngest of Hugh’s children, Cooper said that Ines was “lovely” and has a “remarkable personality,” but also resolidified Playboy’s voice. “This is really a moment for us to take a step back and say that so much of what the brand stood for in the early years is very much still alive in culture.”

In 1991, Caroline “Tula” Cossey became the first transgender model to appear on the famed cover. Tula was cast as a Bond Girl in 1981’s For Your Eyes Only and shot a spread in Playboy with the other girls as promotion for the film. However, at the time, Tula had not told anyone that she was born a man for fear of the truth hindering her modeling career.

When it did come out, Tula had a terrible time dealing with the tabloids, however, Hugh gave her a voice and put her on the cover. Tula appeared several times after that.

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