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We’re not quite sure what that means.

Thug Life


Damn gangs – they’re taking over everything.

A Perfect Response


Got to admit – that’s clever.

And Someone Is Sad Over This?


Tears? Really?

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If you’ve never seen a pigeon as a mule, this is your lucky day. Yes, this bird was actually hauling drugs from supplier to dealer (one imagines). Inside the backpack was a relatively large amount of ecstasy. A whole bunch of little white pills. 200 to be exact (thus the “intent to distribute comment earlier). As this happened in Kuwait (the bird was coming from Iraq, of all places), it just goes to show you how inventive the criminal trade can be. We’ve heard of smuggling drugs in dolls and boxes of coffee. But via carrier and/or homing pigeon. That’s an “A” for effort, but since it got caught, we have to award an “F” for fail.

These Birds Are Actually Helping Society

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