Rats with wings. Flying vermin. Disease bags with beaks. Pigeons are not popular. Every big city dweller has to deal with them, and even then, the association is almost always antagonistic. Sure, some people raise them. As pets. As a way to relax. As part of a racing competition. But for the most part, pigeons are the social scavengers everyone puts up with via a well places swat or scream.

The Pigeon



Of course, back in the days before rampant technology, the pigeon was crucial. For communication. For carrying secrets. For moving around and through enemy lines while always returning to the one who sent them. Knowing for their ability to “home,” these birds were valued for what they could do that man couldn’t. Fast forward a few wars and now the specialty of this species is being put to a nefarious use.

They’re A Useful If Unloved Bird



Recently, a pigeon was ‘detained” wearing a cute little bird backpack. You can see it right now in your head, can’t you? The standard grey blue feathers accented by a little, more than likely handmade carrying case. Inside? Well, that’s where things get interesting. It wasn’t plans on an enemy assault. It wasn’t encrypted messages for military movements. No, it was something completely.

And This Little Guy Is Definitely Earning His Keep



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