There are some people who become famous due to their talents and God given abilities. Then there are people who become infamous because of their actions. While the famous and talented can be talked about until we’re blue in the face, it’s just not as fun as talking about the salacious.

One of those characters who will carry around the infamy tag forever is Martin Shkreli. For those who don’t remember, Shkreli is the former drug firm executive who increased the price on a lifesaving AIDS drug by 5,000 percent back in 2015.

Also known as “Pharma Bro,” Shkreli continued to keep his name in the headlines through attention grabbing antics including, but not limited to, purchasing a two million dollar Wu-Tang Clan Album, an unreleased Lil’ Wayne album, and a full-on beef with Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang.

Now, it looks like he’s headed to prison for seven years on a number of convictions…

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