Stock photos are the most generic type of media and it turns out they’re also the most misleading. When your local news is showing a video of flashing police lights as they report a story on a burglary the cops were involved. We’re not saying that part is misleading. What we are saying is some of the images that can be found on stock photos sites don’t do the subject any justice.

Some jobs are hard to depict – we get that. If a photographer is put on an assignment to take a photo of a heart surgeon, they aren’t scrubbing in for an operation. A fake surgeon will look as if he’s about to operate – or is in the middle of a procedure – and the photog will snap away. In other words, the photos are all staged with actors or models.

It’s easy to spot one of these gems and not just because of the “Stock” Photoshopped across; they’re the photos you see that make you go “Hmm” because something just doesn’t seem right about them. Luckily, the Internet is giving everyone a hand and pointing out what exactly is wrong with them. The results are hilarious, as expected.


At least John didn’t go the “While examining a patient, I perform the choke-out maneuver.”


That’s definitely against the Oath…


The smile is a little creepy, too…

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